Aboriginal Occupation and Stonehenge – A discussion on how Aboriginal occupation dictated the very early development of the Werribee township, also described is the Aboriginal Stonehenge located at the northern end of the You Yangs.)

Werribee’s History and Way of Life specifically aimed at ‘Early Primary School Years’ - consisting of around 60 images and several maps, is a short overview of Werribee’s history covering Aboriginal occupation but with emphasis on what life was like in the late 1800s and early 1900s. (Usually followed up by the ‘Then & Now’ images.)

General History of Wyndham. The level 5-6 lecture, an overview of the general history of Wyndham including Aboriginal occupation. This consists of around 130 images and maps. Depending on time available and viewer interest, can run from 45 minutes to 120 minutes.

Development of the Werribee Township. This lecture also includes aboriginal occupation.

The Chaffey ‘Werribee Irrigation Colony’  1888    An account of the ambitious but failed early attempt at large scale irrigation, -  includes many maps and photographs. 

The Geodetic Survey of Victoria  1860   This lecture details the ‘Geodetic Survey of Victoria’ which started at Hoppers Crossing. Although mathematically based involving trigonometry, you don’t have to be a mathematician to enjoy this talk. Past and present systems of measurement are also discussed. Many images and maps make this an interesting lecture.

Then and Now - Images around the Werribee town centre. This series of images is extremely popular with all age groups and is usually included with one of the above lectures.  

Skeleton Creek and Surrounds.  This area is very rich in history.

Historic sites along the Werribee River. This lecture covers over twelve historic sites along the Werribee River from Davis Creek near Hogans Road down to the mouth of the river at Werribee South. 

Hume and Hovell Expedition Termination 

If you wish to discuss arranging for a lecture presentation please contact me by email/phone/form.


  • The First 100 Years - Revised Second Edition, by Ken James & Lance Pritchard is available at a cost of $20.

  • Snippets of Wyndham - This book has many photographs, new maps and brief text which covers geological history, Aboriginal occupation and most of our important historical sites. Available from the museum for $10



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